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i make things

I build websites, design logos, craft targeted marketing materials, and write copy. Lately I've rediscovered  my love of airbrushing, and have been dabbling in woodburning.

I have been passionate about the creation of art since I took my first drawing class at age five. My preference has always been working with pencil, paper, oil pastels, and paints, but I have tinkered with mixed media, clay, and anything else I found in front of me. I am constantly fascinated by the intricacies of design: what makes a logo amazing, what makes a website both functional and fun to use, what makes an advertisement capture the attention of its audience.

I live in Hallowell, Maine, with my high-school sweetheart Helen, and our two rambunctious daughters, Evelyn and Florence. I grew up in Manchester, a stone’s throw from our home, and have a BA in English from Boston University.

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  • Mandalorian Sunset Airbrushed Canvas by Brian Ayotte
  • Fortnite Bushranger Airbrushed Canvas by Brian Ayotte
  • Hollow Knight Airbrushed Canvas by Brian Ayotte
  • Fortnite Drift AIrbrushed Canvas by Brian Ayotte
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